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PVC  dotted  cotton  Knitted  Seamless  Gloves

We offer premium range at cotton knitted seamless gloves with PVC dots on single as well as both sides. Cotton is comfortable to skin and gives no irritation during long working hours. Gloves are available in various lengths, thickness, gauge & weights.

Art no Gauge Weight Color
C/540/23/SDSS 10G L Raw White
C/600/23/SDSS 7G L Raw White
C/660/23/LDSS 7G M Raw White
C/660/23/LDSS 10G M Raw White
C/720/23/LDSS 7G H Raw White
C/840/23/LDSS 7G H Raw White
C/960/23/LDSS 7G EH Raw White
C/780/23/LDDS 7G H Raw White
C/900/23/LDDS 7G EH Raw White

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