ESD Safe Gloves

  • Electro static discharge can cause a range of harmful effects in industries including gas, fuel vapor and coal dust explosions, as well as failure of solid state electronic components such as integrated circuits.
    Electronic manufacturers therefore needs electrostatic protective areas free of static, using measures to prevent charging and measures to remove static charge such as grounding workers with ESD gloves.
  • Electrostatic dissipating (ESD) gloves are one of the preventive measures to remove the electrostatic charge from human developed during work.
  • The glove is made of 90% nylon which is lint free in nature. 10% is surface conductor yarn (Steel).
  • Nylon is non-shedding, making it ideal for work in pharmaceutical, electronics and anywhere else where contamination is a concern.
  • The glove is made on 13G machine with various sizes on offer on request.
  • The surface resistivity of glove is 1 x 106-8(Ω/cm).

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